Who Do I Pick?

Okay here’s the deal… There’s a guy named Marcus who wants to take me out and i like him, plus my father already said yes to him. Then there is another guy named Micheal and he wants me to be his girl. The boy lives across the street from me and is really cute. So my problem is I don’t know who to Pick. So what do you say? Who do I go out with?


Should the legal age for drinking be lowered?

I think that it shouldn’t be lowered. The age of 21 to drink is completely okay because your brain is almost completely developed. If the age was lowered then their brain would stop developing all together at the moment a person consumed alcohol. The fact that if teens had a hold of alcohol worries parents to a non-stop period. Ys they worry now but imagine it being ten times worsened. Terrible, right? My parents worry day in and day out if I am able to get alcohol when I brought up the subject. Mom fussing over me and dad looking suspiciously at me. Now my awesome parents ask me if I rink every twenty minutes at home. So what do you think should the age be lowered? 

18. The right to check student’s lockers and bags

In a way that’s violating people’s privacy without a warrant but I am pretty sure that that law does not apply to this. On a teacher and parent perspective yes we should allow it to happen. We want our children and others safe from danger. Especially from the big bullies around. But in a way that seems unreasonable to the students and their friends. We children want some sort of privacy from the parents and nosy teachers. We need some secrets to ourselves and from everyone’s eyes to see. What are your views on this matter?